Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why I am here

     I am a second time mom who has decided to put more on her plate then is probably necessary/recommended. I try to read everyday and sometimes I sacrifice sleep just so I can take advantage of that peacefulness that is in my house at 4 am. I spend a good portion of my day occupying my 3 year old while holding my 6 month old. Recently started to become a couponer and started to participate in online review programs, that I love, and I rush to the mailbox everyday. Recently started RCIA, so that my family can be raised in one faith and I am not the heathen of the group. On top of all that I am trying to make friends, which for some reason is difficult for me.

   I am in no way one of "those parents" that think parenting is difficult. I think it is rather easy and I am guilty of frowning at moms who say "it really is the hardest job" or "I can see why people do daycare". I love being blessed enough that I am able to raise my two moneys. I do get frazzled sometimes and send my 3 year old to his room when my 6 month old has a fever and has been crying non-stop for 2 hours and he decides to play his drums at the exact moment when I get her to sleep. He makes it up to me by saying "mommy be happy" and hands me a play-dough cake he made.

   I am a follower of attachment parenting and I did not know it until I read Miyam Bialk's book, Beyond the Sling. They were just things that came naturally and what I decided was easiest for me. I in no way bash women who decide that breastfeeding is not for them but I do hope women educate themselves in the benefits of breastfeeding. The "Breast is Best" campaign is great but unless you go actively looking for what that means and what the benefits are you really can't compare.

   I plan to use this as a journal and a way to hopefully connect with other moms. The only issue I have is that I feel I have become lost, now I am Junior and Cora's mom or Steve's wife. I use to be my own person and I do not want to loose that. The only time I have been away from my 3 year old more than 3 hours is when I was in the hospital giving birth to my daughter and even then it was about 24 hours. I asked if I could be discharged earlier then the 48 hours they wanted to hold me. I have 0 as in Zero friends now, I am the only one who has settled down and going out drinking like the old times does not appeal to me anymore. We recently bought a house in a new city so I have to start from square-one and it is tough. I am awkward and a huge geek.

   So here is to, hopefully, me being able to update this frequently and being able to accomplish all that I wish to do.